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Calypso Favorites and Features
Music from the Caribbean


Our Calypso Catalog is arranged by artiste name:
Calypso A to F  | Calypso G to M | Calypso N to S | Calypso T to Z

See also: Soca Music Catalog

Our Featured Calypso CD selections:

Blakie - Vintage Blakie

Carnival TWO

Carnival THREE

Carnival FOUR

Cro Cro - Face Reality 2004

Roaring Lion - Roaring Loud - Standing Proud

Mighty Duke - 21st Century Man

The Nutmeg Band - Don't Let The Rain Come Down

Reggaelypso!!! The Peace Rhythm

Farmers Rhythm Section - Farming De Culture

Eddie Bullen & Kingsley Ettienne - De Organ Grinders

Best of Guyana 2005 - Terry Gajraj

Ah Wanna Fall
Calypsos from Trinidad & T

Once Upon a Time Vol.1

Sing De Chorus and De Roaring 70s

Signal Hill Alumni Choir 20th Anniversary

Plain Clothes - King of Double Entendre Calypso

Then - Now and Forever

Crazy - Sweet Madness

Destra Garcia -
It's Always Party Time

Denyse Plummer - The Storm

Looking Back

Calypsoca Fiesta

B's Calypso Classic Vol.1

Crazy - Trinidad Crazy

The Mighty Duke - Ah Duke Ah King Ah Pope

True True Calypso 2004

Johnny King and Gary Cordner- Party Hearty

2005 Calypso Compilation - The Perfect Mix Vol.1

Blakie D Warlord - Vintage Music Lives on

David Rudder

2005 Calypso Compilation
The Perfect Mix Vol.2

The Best of the Mighty Sparrow

The Best of Nelson

The Mighty Zandolie Greatest Hits

Chalkdust - Nice and Sweet

Klassic Kitchener Volume 3

The Very Best of Baron

A Tribute to the Masters feat Crazy & Steelin Jazz Lightning

The Best Of Rootsman and Bally

The Mighty Sparrow Volume 4

John King
How Many More?

Rikki Jai - Calypso Music Vol.3

Tradewinds Greatest Hits Volume 3

A Selection of Great Calypso Through The Years Vol. One

Shadow Dingolay

Crazy - Best of Crazy

Calypso Rose
Soul On Fire

Living Legends of Calypso

Vol. II Tribute


The Man Who Never Ever Worried

The Very Best of Winston Soso Vol.1

Living Legends of Calypso

Sugar Aloes - Different Moods

Brigo Legend to Remember

Is We Ting - Various Artistes

Lord Kitch Classics Vol.1

Calypso Monarch 2004

  1. Chalkdust - Dr. Hollis Liverpool

  2. Brian London

  3. De Fosto - Winston Scarborugh

  4. Singing Sandra - Sandra DeVignes

  5. Skatie - Carlos James

  6. Shadow - Winston Bailey

  7. Sugar Aloes - Michael Osuna

  8. Heather McIntosh

  9. Ras Kommanda - Steve Pascall

  10. Kizzie Ruiz

  11. Luta - Borel Peters

  12. Protector - Michael Legerton

T&T National Calypso Monarch 2002 Results

  1. Sugar Aloes
  2. Chalkdust
  3. Denyse Plummer
  4. Singing Sandra
  5. Luta
  6. Skatie
  7. De Fosto
  8. Heather MacIntosh
  9. Gypsy
  10. Bomber


  1. Denyse Plummer

  2. Shadow

  3. Sugar Aloes

  4. De Fosto

  5. Singing Sandra

  6. Chalkdust

  7. Rikki Jai 

  8. Crazy

  9. Lutha 

  10. Kenny J



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