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December 2004

The Crooner
My Most Requested Songs

 Christmas Parang

Once Upon a Time Vol.1

Pamberi - Sweet Christmas

Back in stock!

Pan in Education

Los Dinamicos - Una Fusion Musical
Back in stock!

October 2004

Reggie Paul

Timeless Classics

Steelband Paradise

Tribute to Ray Holman

The Best of Desperadoes

(A Musical Volcano)

August 2004

Paul Keens Douglas - It's Not Easy
The Best of Paul Keens Douglas Vol.3

Skiffle Bunch and Stalin

July 2004

Two new books by Hollis "Chalkdust" Liverpool

From the Horse's Mouth:
Stories Of The History And Development Of The Calypso From The 1920s To 1970s
by Hollis "Chalkdust" Liverpool, Ph.D., Renowned Calypsonian And Historian

Dr. Kimani K. S. Nehusi, Professor at the University of East London, calls the new book "a masterpiece of scholarship, insight and impressive research," which "unfolds to the world the life, skill, craftsmanship and talent of the veteran calypsonian."

Chalkdust - Rituals of Power & Rebellion

Chalkdust - From the Horse's Mouth
Pan, Calypso, Soca and Reggae

A Tribute to the Masters feat Crazy & Steelin Jazz Lightning

Crazy and Clyde 'Lightning' George on Pans

Neal and Massy Trinidad All Stars In Concert

First time releases on CD: from European Classical favorites to Rudder's Dus' in Dey Face.

Winston Soso - Simply Sweet

2004 Release

Marvin "Twicks" Brooks - Yes Today Y2K

Soca reggae mix - listen to the clips!

May 2004

Four New Releases from New York City! ...

Paul Keens Douglas - Fedon's Flute and other stories

Mungal Patasar & Pantar - Nirvana

Sing De Chorus and De Roaring 70s 2CD Re-Release

Pamberi Jazz in Steel

Pan in New York 2003!!!


Sacred Heart Traditional Choir

Pantonic Live!

Pantonic Tonic For The Soul

March 2004

Shurwayne Winchester - Press Play

Pan Jazz Conversations - Gayap

Chalkdust - Nice and Sweet

Chalkdust - Gone Modern

Soca Switch 10

Glow 04

Destra Garcia - Laventille

Denyse Plummer - Caribbean Woman

Black Stalin - Just For You

Gypsy - Onward Upward Forward

February 2004

Winston Duggin
Come Groove With Me

Ron Bobb-Semple
The Spirit of Marcus Garvey

Robert Greenidge
From the Heart

Ralph MacDonald
Home Grown

Baron - With a Difference

Fully Loaded

Pelham Goddard

Just Passing Through

Scrunter - Scrunter

Red Plastic Bag/Mac Fingall

The Panorama

John King
How Many More?
Trample Riddim

January 2004

Len Boogsie Sharpe - Bridge Over Troubled Water

Rikki Jai - Libra Tula Raasi

Rikki Jai - Calypso Music Vol.3

Ray Holman - In Touch

Vision 2000 - Garatt

Boris Gardiner I'm Always Thinking Of You

Tony Mangra - Feeling Good

D'Ivan - Don't Rock De Boat

Love Songs with Steelpan & Saxaphone


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