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November 2002

Liam Teague A Christmas Gift

Sharlene Flores with Flores de San Jose

Shadow Eternal Energy

Shadow An Infectious Classic

Paul Keens Douglas Crick Crack

Paul Keens Douglas Las' Lap

Paul Keens Douglas Vol.1

Paul Keens Douglas Vol.2

Parang Soca Christmas

Parang Soca Christmas Vol.2

Parang Soca Christmas Vol.3


The Best of Mr. Regis Jaunty

Brigo Legend to Remember

Calypso Heroes

Cassandra Powder Restored

Chaos Going Crazy

Cheddi Nyack Before You Love Me

Dobby Dobson Those Days Are Gone

Dominica Crossroads Do Not Cross

The First Serenade Band Jus Like Dat

The Gemini Band G-Force

Japs Helicopter

Kent - Are You Ready?

King Harry and King Fighter Sweet TnT

Nelson's Greatest Hits

Rikki Jai Calypso Music Vol.2


Squezee Fair Change Make No Robbery

Stick Me

El A Kru Social Ah Gwaan

General Grant Soca Billboard

Traffik X To Board

X-Plosion Band Dirty Flex

X-Plosion Band Rocking Time

X-Plosion Band Unshackle

Funny Solid Like A Rock

Pa'l Destino - On Track

Marionettes Chorale - Good News!

Money Money Riddem Meets The General Riddem

October 2002

Harry Boy Doh Do Meh Dat

Brother Resistance De Power of Resistance

King Ajamu - In Touch With The Spirit

Pelham Goddard - A Musical Stew

Primadonna - Love It So

Raf Robertson - Universal Rhythm

Renegades Steel Orchestra - Pan Man Vibration

Rikki Jai - Best of Rikki Jai

Roots Steel Band - Jah Guide

Roots Steel Band - The 1st Time

Roots Steel Band - The 2nd Time Around

Yohan Popwell - Christmas Carols on Steel Pans

Pure Soca 2

Ninja - Styles

Yohan Popwell's Pantastic

Caribbean Magic Steel Drum Orchestra

September 2002

Celebrate With Calypso Stumpy
Marc Matthews Small Days

Nesbit Chhangur You'll Always Be There

Tony Mangra Loverman

Pan Is Beautiful VI Vol. 1

Vision 2000 Absolute Vision


Raf Robertson Branches

Flantis and Ninja - Jealousy

TC Coward & Adrian Clarke - Loaded Deck

Retro... Back to the Roots

August 2002

Carnival & Summer Calypso & Soca Releases
Black Stalin

Hard Wuk

Caribbean Seduction

JW 2002 Calypsoca Compilation

Living Legends of Calypso

Vol. II Tribute

Lord Shorty

Gone Gone Gone


Lock Down

A Selection of Great Calypso Through The Years Vol. One

Roy Cape

Still Together

Splended Calypso & Pan

Singing Sandra

Praises for my Blessings

Winston Soso

All Man Ah Want It
New in the eCaroh Catalog

Raw Kaiso 1

Mighty Duke Classics Collection 1986-1990

Sugar Aloes

Different Moods

The Best Of Rootsman and Bally

July 2002

Word Masters Live II, Caribbean Comedy

God of Music

Vespers and Songs of the Monks of Mount St. Benedict

Reggie Paul

Love in Paradise

Felix Walroud
Exotic Philharmonic

Everybodys Calypso-Soca Videos

History of West Indies Cricket - Michael Manley

Everybodys Magazine

June 2002

Klassic Kitchener

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3
Essential Sparrow!

The Mighty Sparrow Volume 2
The Mighty Sparrow Volume 1

The Mighty Sparrow Volume 3

The Mighty Sparrow Volume 4

Ah Wanna Fall
Calypsos from Trinidad & T
Everybody's Magazine World Calypso Monarch I Finalists
Shurwayne Winche
ster Under My Spell

Shadow Dingolay

The Mighty Terror

Double Gold

Reggie Paul

Tropical Guitar

A Thread of Hope


The Early Years


Once Upon a Time

Caribbean Voices 6

Marc-Up Marc Matthews

A Treasure to Behold

Best of Crazy

Pan for the People

May 2002

Carib International

Soca Monarch 2002

VHS Video

Babla and Kanchan

Diamond Collection Vol. 1

Drupatee Ramgoonai

Explosive Moods

JMC Triveni Leadership

Chutney Bangra

JMC Triveni Leadership

Chutney Bangra Vol 2

JMC Triveni Leadership

Chutney Bangra Vol 3

JMC Triveni
Chutney Bangra Vol 4

Sundar Popo
Greatest Hits Vol. 2

Drupatee Ramgoonai &
Machel Montano
Chutney Soca

Best of Anand Yankaran

Pan Assembly
Hot Steel Music

Pan Assembly
As the Sun Sets
I Hear You Listen

Pan Assembly
We Kinda Music

Phase II - Pamberi
Pan Vibes - Pandemonium

Liking We Self

Soca Link

Anthony Kellman

Wings of a Stranger

Pan Assembly

Pan Calypso

Caribbean Voices 5

Monkey Liver Soup & Other Tales

April 2002

Caribbean Magic

Caribbean Magic

Caribbean Ecstasy
Mavis Sings
Mavis Sings

Sugar Aloes - Victory

The Steelin' Jaz
z Trio
Lightning in the Heartland

Ah Wanna Fall
Calypsos from Trinidad & T

March 2002

Samaroo Jets
From the Silver Screen

BP Renegades
A Panorama Saga II
shipping mid-March

Voices 'n Steel
Marionettes Chorale &
N&M Trinidad All Stars
now in HDCD!

Steelbands of
Trinidad & Tobago
now in HDCD!

February 2002  

Strictly Soca 7

2002 Calypso Compilation

Phase II Pan Groove
Another Phase

Pan on the Park Live

January 2002

Soca Anthems

Soca Anthems

Classics on Pan
updated to HDCD!

David Rudder
Farewell to the Flesh

Mystic Prowler
Vintage Kaiso

David Rudder
Gilded Collection 3

Caribbean Folklore
Pack of 5 Cards

Creating a Steelpan
Pack of 5 Cards

Pan in Art
2002 Calendar

Panorama 2001
(2 Disk set)


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