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  1. Click here to play a sound clip! Muevete (Soca Salsa)
    The vibrant potency of music is lauded in this rendition - music that is all around us... in the breeze... the waves.
  2. Click here to play a sound clip! Give Me A Parang (Soca Parang)
    “Give Me A Parang” is the story of an American’s preference for Parang over Soca. It is a combination of Soca rhythms and Parang flavored melodies.
  3. Click here to play a sound clip! Recordando A Daisy (Parang)
    A medley of Daisy Voisin’s popular hits in acknowledgement of her contribution to Parang in Trinidad and Tobago.
  4. Click here to play a sound clip! We Paranging Now (Soca Parang)
    This is the traditional Serenal, feature of the house-to-house Parang, treated in Soca style.
  5. Click here to play a sound clip! Yo No Quiere Verte (Salsa)
    A women’s deception of a man who loves her madly is the theme of this song.
  6. Click here to play a sound clip! Rio Manzanares (Dub Style)
    Treated in dub style, this is a traditional Venezuelan song, brought to Trinidad by the Parranderos of East Venezuela.
  7. Click here to play a sound clip! Yo Me Voy De Parranda (Parang)
    An explanation of the spontaneous joy and goodwill that Parranderos experience when they go Paranging.
  8. Click here to play a sound clip! Haciendo El Canto (Latin Crossover)
    A song about the inexplicable compulsion to create music; an urge to which the composer must succumb.
  9. Click here to play a sound clip! Vamos A La Fiesta (Parang Crossover)
    “Vamos…” depicts a group of parang lovers who are journeying to a Parang fete. It is a song of freedom and exuberance.

Una Fusion Musical
Los Dinamicos

Traditional and Crossover Parang
from Trinidad & Tobago
Featuring the Allard Family

See review

Una Fusion Musical Los Dinamicos

eCaroh Price: $13.95


  • Arrangers and Co-leaders:
    Philip & Francisca Allard
  • Acoustic Guitar:
    Sepherina & Philip Allard, Monica Rogers, Christopher Scope
  • Bass Guitar:
    David Matthews, Shawn Lewis, Anthony Thorn, Anthony Comps
  • Chorus:
    Sabina & Sepherina Allard, Genevieve Allard-Seales, Phillippa Allard-Persad, Monica Rogers, Hilton & Shawn Lewis, Kenneth Hospedales, David Matthews, Floyd Ravello
  • Congas & Bongos:
    Floyd Ravello Cuatro: Ernest Boland, Hilton & Shawn Lewis, Monica Rogers, Francisca Allard Electric Guitar: David Matthews, Philip Allard
  • Guitar Solo:
    Larry Lee Luck
  • Iron:
    Sabina Allard, Kenny Phillips
  • Keyboards:
    Monica Rogers, Francisca & Philip Allard
  • Mandolin:
    Philip Allard
  • Maracas:
    Philip Allard, Hilton & Shawn Lewis, Ernest Boland, Kenneth Hospedales, Phillippa Allard- Persad
  • Scratcher:
    Hilton Lewis, Genevieve Allard-Seales, Kirk Nicome
  • Toc Toc:
    Sabina Allard


How do I classify the group 'Dinamicos'! To limit them to any one musical genre would be a compromise. I classify the group [as] versatile, willing to experiment and revolutionary - these are the qualities manifested by the group. Indeed they have done credit to their name, 'Dinamicos'.

Their musical creativity is genuine, [authentic], and it is this approach, combined with their talent and experience, that have led them to fuse diverse musical expressions into a novel musical concept."

'Dinamicos' is the Caribbean, its nature, its people ... the entire Caribbean is absolutely dynamic in character. It's a dynamism that imparts joy, sadness and love....

I hope that this versatility of 'Dinamicos' would become the link within Caribbean culture - UNIVERSAL CULTURE.

John Sorrillo, Anthropologist and Arts Critic.


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