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Track Listing:


  1. Women – Smartest Beings
  • Handsome
  1. Dumb Girl Shopper
  2. Vincy Deportees
  • Pan Day
  • Chinese Translation

Ken Corsbie

  1. Sports Television
  • Guyanese in Barbados
  • NBA Players
  • Soccer Players
  • NBA Interviews
  • Aerobics
  • Starboys In Movies
  • One Man Duet (Bonus Track)
  1. Donkey And Rat

Marcus Christopher

  1. Drunk And Disorderly
  2. Grenadian Prime Ministers
  • Poly Ticks
  1. Three Nuns

Amina Blackwood - Meeks

  1. Faces
  • How Are You
  • Globalization Prices
  • Remote Control People
  • ECommerce
  • Cultural Anorexia
  • Structural Adjustment
  • International Executives
  • Dead Weight Adjusters

Tommy Joseph

  1. Trini Football Team
  • Latapy
  • Courthouse Commess
  • The Devil
  1. Man Wanted (Bonus Track)
  • Who Say Kim

Donna Hadad

  1. Goodnight Washington
  • HBO
  • Divas
  • Jerry Springer
  • Showtime – Sex On TV
  1. Breasts On TV
  2. Bills

Relator & Gypsy

  1. Tribute To Von Martin


  1. Introduction - Meh Belly?
  • Fish On Air Canada
  • Planes To Represent The Culture
  • 'Fraid To Dead
  1. BWIA Flies The Skies

Rachel Price

  1. Introduction - Sex Symbol
  • Friends
  • We Are Mixed Up
  • Excuses
  • Post Partum Depression
  • Let Men Be Men
  • Who Is Kim
  • Oprah
  • Time For Every Man
  • Love Yourself

Gypsy & Big B

  1. Extempo Calypso

Word Masters Live II
Caribbean Comedy

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eCaroh Price $15.95
Note: Some Mature Content

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Word Masters Live II - Caribbean Comedy is a recording of the June 2001 show that includes Extempo Calypso. The talkers portray various aspects of Island life and comment on topical issues of the day, occurring any place in the world.

Like the first compact disc Word Masters Live - Island Comedy, Live II demonstrates the distinctive English-speaking Caribbean form of oral expression. There is a lighthearted commentary manner to topical issues, and serious matters, that convey a comedic, superficial attitude that in reality belies the seriousness that is generally felt by the speaker. In large measure, the general population shares the view of the talkers. In this recording, as it is in every day conversation, double entendre is common and the risqué connotations are more usually intended, than not.

A careful listen, however, permits one to hear two or more things. You hear the different accents from the various countries; then you are captivated by the simple and sophisticated play on, and of, words. Observe Saluche's use of the word "Handsome" and Ken's switch from "Umpire" to "Empire" in "Sports Television". Tommy has the same artfulness in "Courthouse Commess".

Marcus' "Drunk and Disorderly" is a take off from Sparrow's calypso of the same name. The drunken man is familiar to most who grew up in the West Indies. The man's loquaciousness, however, reveals his knowledge and misuse of English but also a not so funny action some men take to show displeasure with a woman's behavior.

The bawdy elements of life are well represented in the routines of Tommy, Rachel and Donna and elicit hearty laughs. But the latter two could also stimulate one to some thinking with "Showtime - Sex on TV", "Let Men Be Men", and "Oprah".

Live II has well considered opinion. Ken - "Sports Television" - takes a lighter, understated approach as does Sprang's - "Planes to Represent the Culture". Amina has an appealing style and manner in presenting her opinion. Whether in the vernacular or not, one hears a well-modulated, polished, serious voice even at a funny remark. Listen, and listen again, to Amina's "Cultural Anorexia", " Remote Control People", and "Dead Weight Adjusters". Hers are words for the mind more than for a laugh.

And all that is word mastery Caribbean style, something you can't help but admire and enjoy. [eCaroh/Ron]


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