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Island Soul Soft Sounds of the Caribbean
Easy Listening, Rhythm & Blues Features
Singers and Instrumentalists


Boris Gardiner - I'm Always Thinking Of You

Ed Watson - Golden Hits Vol.2

Baron - With a Difference

Baron - Two Thousand and One

Pa'l Destino - On Track

Baron - Ballads with a Caribbean Flavour

Baron - Moving On

Baron - Shades of Love

Len Boogsie Sharpe - Bridge Over Troubled Water

Music Makers Extraordinaire

Ray Seales and Co. - Cool Dive

Dennis de Souza - Here With Me

Terry Gajraj - 25 Love Songs

Aubrey Cummings - Moon Over Me

Eddie Bullen & Kingsley Ettienne - De Organ Grinders

Alan Khan - My Guyana Eldorado

Reggie Paul

Love in Paradise

Bob Thompson - Next Level Jazz Instrumentals

Reggie Paul - Timeless Classics

Axis Dance Band - Caribbean Pleasure

Love Songs with Steelpan & Saxophone

Ansel Wyatt Combo - Memories of 1960s and 70s

Clarence Curvan - The Greatest Sound Around


Ronnie M - Dancing Mood

Pan Assembly Romance

Pan Assembly Midnight

Reggie Paul

Caribbean Holiday

Anslem - Soul Island

Signal Hill

One Caribbean Voice

Reggie Paul

Timeless Classics

Coconut Groove - Pop and Soca Music

Marvin "Twicks" Brooks - Yes Today Y2K

Eddie Bullen - Desert Rain

Eddie Bullen - Nocturnal Affair

Jamma - The Sun

Alan Khan - My Guyana Eldorado
Ansel Wyatt Combo - Memories of 1960s and 70s
Anslem Douglas - Soul Island
Anthony Kellman - Wings of a Stranger
Aubrey Cummings - Moon Over Me
Baron - Ballads Caribbean Flavour
Bing Serrao and The Ramblers - Boys' Night Out
Bing Serrao and The Ramblers - Playing Your Favourites
Bing Serrao and The Ramblers The Three in One Saga
Boris Gardiner - I'm Always Thinking Of You
Caribbean Flavours
Cheddi Nyack Before You Love Me
Clarence Curvan - The Greatest Sound Around
Dennis de Souza - The Best of Dennis de Souza Vol.1
Dennis de Souza - The Best of Dennis de Souza Vol.2
Dennis de Souza - Here With Me
Eddie Bullen - Desert Rain
Eddie Bullen - Make It Real
Eddie Bullen - Nocturnal Affair
Eddie Bullen & Kingsley Ettienne - De Organ Grinders
Ed Watson - Golden Hits Vol.2
Felix Roach - Improvising the Classics
Flantis and Ninja - Jealousy
Germaine Scott and Friends - Happy Times
Germaine Scott and Friends - Happy Times 2
Manhattans - Men Cry Too
Martin Albino - Portraits of Martin Albino
Nesbit Chhangur You'll Always Be There
Oliver Chapman - From the Pen of Oliver Chapman
Patches - Keep Movin' On
Pelham Goddard - Just Passing Through
Percy Pilgrim - Together
Promissa - Poquito a Poco
Ray Seales and Co. - Cool Dive
Reggie Paul - Caribbean Holiday
Reggie Paul - Island Party
Reggie Paul - Love in Paradise
Reggie Paul - Timeless Classics
Reggie Paul - Tropical Guitar
Ronnie M - Dancing Mood
Ronnie M - Island Hoppin'
Sel Duncan Concert at the Hall
Telstars International Orbiting
Terry Gajraj - 25 Love Songs
The Vibes - More Vibes
Winston Duggin - Come Groove With Me

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Mungal Patasar & Pantar - Nirvana
Pelham Goddard - Just Passing Through
Pelham Goddard - A Musical Stew
Raf Robertson Branches
Raf Robertson - Universal Rhythm


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