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Track Listing:

  1. Click here to play a sound clip! Those Feelings
  2. Click here to play a sound clip! Goumangala
  3. Universal Language
  4. Click here to play a sound clip! Celebrate
  5. I Wish
  6. Click here to play a sound clip! Games
  7. Click here to play a sound clip! Mind Yuh Child
  8. Respect
  9. Click here to play a sound clip! Got to do Something
  10. Click here to play a sound clip! Peter
  11. My Belief
  12. Mr Brown
  13. Click here to play a sound clip! Treat the Lady Nice

Shadow Goumangala

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Shadow at his wickedest
CD review By Wayne Bowman
Trinidad Guardian online, December 11, 2001

Shadow's new cd, Goumangala, is wicked from start to end. There is music for rejoicing, reflecting and reminiscing in this collection, which features styles from new wave soca to old kaiso.

There is something for everyone in it and it should sell like hot hops on a Saturday. And Shadow, the reigning Road March champion, just might be on the road to retaining the title and reclaiming those he's held before.

On the opening track, "Those Feelings", Shadow encourages you to get up and dance instead of just standing still in the party. Very similar to last Carnival's "Stranger", the song features a strong festival horn line.

In track two, title cut "Goumangala", Shadow advises a young man named Leroy that unless he stops frequenting a certain house, he might end up a victim of obeah.

"Goumangala" is commonly known as "stay home" or "tie foot" substances, put them in someone's food, and they'll want to marry you. The horns are again the focus in this song as Curtis Lewis, Pedro Lezama and company crank it out.

Shadow then teaches his listeners the "Universal Language", made up primarily of drums and rhythmic melodies. Shadow himself programmed the rhythm here and additional percussion was added by Olatunji Massimba and Len Coombs.

In "Celebrate", Shadow advises that one should not spend one's time worrying about things in life that eventually work themselves out, anyway. Soonilal Samaroo performs impressively on the live drums for this track.

"I Wish", a song of peace, expresses Shadow's hope all mankind will one day live as one. He then takes a turn behind those men who refuse to support financially their children in "Mind Yuh Child."

Shadow sings: "You happy when yuh walk her in the darkness. Yuh happy when the hour come to undress. Now the belly start to grow, the baby start to show. You start to make a lot of row. Yuh start to back back like a crab."

In "Respect" the horns take a dramatic tone as Shadow warns that people must respect one another, or else all are doomed.

Staying on the reflective, Shadow takes a reverse view of his "Poverty Is Hell." He sings that despite everybody wanting to have luxury houses, cars and the nice life, there must be people there to sweep the streets, clean the rivers and plant the land.

Included in the collection is the classic Shadow song "My Belief", the original with its sweet guitar riffs and subtle backing vocals. Speaking of backing vocals, the ladies who provided them on this collection, Shadiwsh Bailey, Carol Jacobs, Natalie Yorke and Shirley Samaroo, do a good job.

"Mr Brown" is an interesting ditty about a man and his wife having a little spat.

Mr Brown, it seems, believes that his wife is really his personal maid and private prostitute.

Mrs Brown wonders if this is what real love is and asks her husband just where the old days went.

As if in response, Shadow then sings, "Treat the Lady Nice". Good advice that all men should take, lest they end up in misery.

I must comment on the mastering of this product, which was done by Lauritz Liddlelow. Great job there, old chap. Mastering, by the way, is the final process before pressing the CD. This is where the levels and frequencies are set to precision to allow for the best reproduction possible.

Serving as engineer for the CD was the man Eric Michaud. Better than him, you will hardly find.

This CD is good- maybe even better than the last.

Hot Calypso & Soca CD

The eagerly awaited Shadow 2002 CD has been released. Calypso and soca fans can buy "Goumangala" at www.SweetSOCA.com and at the eCaroh Caribbean Emporium in Boston starting December 1, 2001.

Throughout 2001, Shadow fans from Toronto to Miami, Port of Spain to Los Angeles have tried to predict the content of Shadow's 2002 compositions. They have been challenging Shadow to make another blockbuster CD.

Shadow has named his 2002 release, "Goumangala", from one of the tracks on the sizzling album. Three other tracks are immediately appealing, says the CD press release. In typical Shadow witty style, he gives a serious message to young people by encouraging them to "Mind Your Child" or take care of their children. "Universal Language" is destined to become a calypso classic and the remake of "Bad Boy Peter" is expected to be the 2002 party tune. [eCaroh]

Shadow, one of the towering geniuses of calypso since 1974, was Road March champ and Soca Monarch in 2001, but he declined to defend his title during 2002 Carnival, claiming that deejays weren’t playing his tunes on the radio. Listening to this first-rate collection of new compositions and soulful remakes, it’s hard to imagine why they wouldn’t. According to various interviews with Shadow, the marvellous title tune, a sly companion piece to Sparrow’s Obeah Wedding, refers to a) a lizard, b) obeah, or c) a word Shadow made up walking down the street. The CD also includes 12 other classic Shadow tunes, all up to his usual high standards. I’m particularly fond of a high-energy remake of Bad Boy Peter, one of Shadow’s greatest J’ouvert songs. Unlike many soca records (which are constructed track by track on a sequencer), the word on the street is that this CD was recorded live in the studio, with all the musicians grooving together. It certainly sounds like it. [MG - Caribbean Beat]


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